(TNS) The Garbage Party is full of ignoramuses, clowns, criminals, doofuses, lunatics, socialists, Communists, Marxists, and buffoons — and many of them are now trying to become our next president.

That includes Sen. Kamala Harris, who takes clown show buffoonery to the next level.

This bitch hates President Trump so much — viscerally hates him — that she tweeted something earlier Wednesday that is so completely fucked up it’s hard to count the ways.

To wit:

First things first: Trump hasn’t done a damned thing to be impeached. He hasn’t committed a single ‘high crime or misdemeanor.’ In fact, Trump is the victim of a crime — a coup attempt by the deep state and Harris’ Garbage Party. And on that note, we continue to believe there will be indictments stemming from the investigations that AG William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are conducting into those corrupt sons of bitches.

As for questioning the president’s patriotism — what the fuck is she talking about? The man:

— Ran a campaign called “Make America Great Again.”

— Calls his agenda “America First.”

— Fucking hugs American flags. Literally.

Meanwhile, the Garbage Party and their Marxist/Communist/Anarchist/Shithead allies burn American flags.

That is, when these dickheads aren’t carrying the flag of a Communist enemy.

Finally, Kamala, our founders did give us a “system of checks and balances” but they bequeathed us a republic, not a fucking democracy. For the umpteenth time.

If there is one thing that should disqualify a presidential candidate, it’s not being able to correctly identify the system of government he/she is expected to lead.

What a field of derelicts, dumbasses, and douchebags the Garbage Party has fielded for president.

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