(TNS) As the Garbage Party candidates continue to flounder under a model of socialism and their top contender, Joe Biden, becomes mired in scandal, Moody’s Predictive Model for the 2020 presidential race forecasts that President Trump will cruise to reelection on the strength of his economy alone.

CNBC notes the only time the Moody’s model was wrong was in 2016 when it predicted a narrow victory for Bitch Hillary. Other than that blip, it’s been spot-on since 1980:

President Donald Trump looks likely to cruise to reelection next year under three different economic models Moody’s Analytics employed to gauge the 2020 race.

Barring anything unusual happening, the president’s Electoral College victory could easily surpass his 2016 win over Democrat Hillary Clinton, which came by a 304-227 count.

Moody’s based its projections on how consumers feel about their own financial situation, the gains the stock market has achieved during Trump’s tenure and the prospects for unemployment, which has fallen to a 50-year low. Should those variables hold up, the president looks set to get another four-year term.

Meanwhile, as Fox News’ Sean Hannity and correspondents noted on his Tuesday evening show, the leading Democrat douchebags are such political cowards they refuse to criticize saggy nuts Biden, whom everyone with a pair of brain cells to rub together knows is one corrupt son of a bitch.


“If the economy a year from now is the same as it is today, or roughly so, then the power of incumbency is strong and Trump’s election odds are very good, particularly if Democrats aren’t enthusiastic and don’t get out to vote,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics and co-author of the paper, along with Dan White, the firm’s director of government counsulting and fiscal policy research, and Bernard Yaros, an assistant director and economist.

“It’s about turnout,” they added.

CNBC noted further:

Three models show Trump getting at least 289 electoral votes, assuming average turnout. His chances decrease with maximum turnout on the Democratic side and increase with minimum turnout expected.

Of the three models, he does best under the “pocketbook” measure of how people feel about their finances. In that scenario, assuming average nonincumbent turnout, he gets 351 electoral votes to the generic Democrat’s 187. “Record turnout is vital to a Democratic victory,” the report said.

Well, if turnout to the president’s political rallies thus far is any indication, he’s in for another blowout of whichever socialist idiot Democrat voters nominate.

Oh, and note to you fucking asswipe Antifa cowards: Every single Trump supporter you gang up on produces yet another vote for the president, not your dogshit party. So, by all means, give it your best shot.

Just don’t be surprised when a) Trump wins by another landslide; and b) you wind up biting off more than you can chew at one of his rallies and get your ass kicked off the planet.

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