(TNS) Do you remember when Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) was running for president? Yeah, we had to think about it twice too, it was such a short period of time.

Swalwell jumped into the crowded Garbage Party field early, only to have his partisan ass thrown right back out with polling numbers so low they were barely readable.

Since then, he’s returned to his usual role of playing Bitch Boy for Nancy Pelosi and her party of raving Marxist lunatics.

When this dickhead isn’t suggesting that the U.S. military nuke Americans who resist tyranny, he’s playing foil to this generation’s George Washington, our president, Donald Trump.

This week, that includes pretending like the Garbage Party is really going to successfully impeach Trump after parading a series of ‘witnesses’ before various Democrat-controlled committees so they can provide ‘testimony’ in secret, then ‘leak’ selective details to their dipshit homies in the ‘mainstream’ media.

Because that’s what Swalwell does best: He pretends.

Pretends to be a congressman. Pretends to be a serious presidential contender. Pretends to be a human being.

Trump has accomplished more in three years than this fucking puke will accomplish in his lifetime. Being a straight-up dick for a Hate America party isn’t challenging when you’re born a scumbag.

The only ‘crime’ our president has committed is beating the pantsuit off Bitch Hillary — and who knows, maybe Swalwell has some weird wet dreams about her at night or something.

Meantime, this pimple on the ass of America has a job to do: Be a douchebag, because it’s what he’s good at.

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