(TNS) Twice now “Independent” Sen. Bernie Sanders has run for the Garbage Party presidential nomination, and twice now, he’s lied his ass off about who and what he really is.

And, of course, the dogshit Washington media let him get by with lying his ass of about who and what he is because it’s who and what they are: Hard-core Communist pieces of shit or, at a minimum, Communist sympathizers.

In fact, Bernie is such a Commie that were a Democrat to win the presidency while he’s still alive and wanted to place him in his/her Cabinet, he’d red-flagged like a Red Communist bitch.

Per Paul Sperry, writing in the New York Post:

As polls tighten and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders looks more like a serious contender than a novelty candidate for president, the liberal media elite have suddenly stopped calling him socialist. He’s now cleaned up as a “progressive” or “pragmatist.”

But he’s not even a socialist. He’s a communist.

Mainstreaming Sanders requires whitewashing his radical pro-communist past. It won’t be easy to do.

If Sanders were vying for a Cabinet post, he’d never pass an FBI background check. There’d be too many subversive red flags popping up in his file. He was a communist collaborator during the height of the Cold War.

And by the way, this prick was a Commie when our country was fighting Communists — in North Korea, in the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan, and Red China.

So that means he was a modern-day version of Benedict Arnold. Bernie Sanders, in other words, shouldn’t be running for president or even be a serving member of Congress; he ought to be serving time in prison for being a subversive son of a bitch.

He’s not a ‘progressive.’ He’s not a ‘liberal.’ He’s not even a ‘socialist.’ He’s a full-on Communist, and as such, he’s the biggest enemy to our republic there could ever be. So let’s stop fucking calling him something he’s not.

All of this said, however, it should also be said that Sanders felt more comfortable running for the Democratic nomination, not the Republican nomination.

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