(TNS) Robert “Beto” O’Rourke has no respect for the Constitution of the United States and thus, has no business running for president.

Then again, a member of the Garbage Party, we expect this douche nozzle to have no respect for our founding document — only his authoritarian interpretation of it and his iron-fisted approach to governance.

During an appearance on some network almost no one watches — MSNBC — featuring hosts almost no one respects — Joe Scarborough and wife Mike Brzezinski — Beto the Bold was asked what would happen if, somehow, Democrats ever manage to squeeze through a law to confiscate legally-purchased and constitutionally-protected AR-15-style firearms.

Well, hell man, we’ll just have to send cops to get them.


[videopress 43joiYtj]

Really? So, we’re going to send police officers out to homes with a checkbook or some shit like that?


This fuckstick mentions “buyback” but that’s not what the hell he meant. As he stammered through his answer, we know what he was getting at: Either turn them in or you’ll be arrested — and if you resist, you’ll be killed.

Because that’s what all puke Democrats want to say: ‘If you don’t turn in your guns, we’ll kill you.’

Which is exactly why we won’t turn them in, no matter how many fucking gun confiscation laws these assholes pass.

The Second Amendment is a real part of the Constitution, folks, and it states plainly that our “right to keep and bear arms…shall not be infringed.”

Infringed = taken away; limited; denied.

Beto needs to get something through that pointy little head of his: He’ll never be president, and he’ll never get enough cops to do his gun confiscation bidding.

But it is instructive to know how the Garbage Party thinks, feels, and operates.

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