(TNS) For a constitutional and foreign policy adviser, the NBA’s LeBron James is a pretty good basketball player.

In other words, no one should ever confuse this idiot with being an expert on either subject.

You may have heard that Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey committed the mortal sin of tweeting in favor of freedom and democracy protesters in China last week.

After he did, the professional basketball world blew up and accused him of all kinds of things like being ‘insensitive’ to China, ‘disrespectful’ of China, and not ‘cognizant’ of China’s internal affairs.

Last we checked, Morey was an American citizen and as such he is steeped in constitutional traditions like freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and certainly freedom to practice those freedoms whenever and however the fuck he likes.

But hey, all that shit comes to an end when we’re talking about the NBA and China. Why? Because the NBA makes money in China.

A lot of money. Something like a billion-and-a-half dollars a year. So naturally, when it comes to NBA players Communist Red trumps the almighty red-white-and-blue.

So pardon us for calling out these piece of shit America-hating charlatans like, oh, LeBron James, who actually had the ignorance to say in an interview Tuesday that there are “negative” implications sometimes to “free speech.”

Not even kidding.


[videopress Ofrw6ta4]

Hey LeBron, here’s a big, fat hint: There are never any “negative” implications to free speech — even if it’s speech (well, especially if it’s speech) you don’t fucking like.

Our founders didn’t give a shit what kind of speech people liked or didn’t like. They recognized that a republic built on individual freedoms could not stand if those freedoms were limited or taken away. Like LeBron seems to be advocating.

It’s come to a point now where many of our major corporations are bowing down and sucking Chinese dick because they care more about making a buck than they do protecting and defending their own country — which China seeks to undermine at every opportunity and supplant on the world stage.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re mega-capitalists here. But there can be no real capitalism without constitutionalism. Self-limiting rights or worse — punishing Americans who exercise them — only helps our enemies. And China’s one of them.

So fuck you, LeBron. Maybe you and the rest of your Commie-loving cohorts should go live in China since you seem to want to accommodate their suppression of liberty more than your countrymen’s right to tweet about freedom.

And by the way, don’t be such a piece of shit hypocrite: You are right there in line to suck Chinese stiffies, which is why you said what you said.

It’s pathetic that the fawning sports media dickheads couldn’t see the irony of giving you a platform to say whatever the hell you want while trashing another American citizen for exercising the same right.

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