Democrats used to hate war until Barack Obama started them, now they love it

(TNS) Remember when Democrats were the doves and all Republicans and conservatives were “warmongering hawks” who only want to “spread American imperialism and colonialism” throughout the world?

Well, we do, and it wasn’t that long ago. Now, suddenly, the Garbage Party is all about getting into, and staying, in as many brushfire wars as we can possibly do.

That is, as long as that scandal-ridden prick Barack Obama started them.

We got our asses into Syria once upon a time the same way Obama and Bitch Hillary got us into Libya and various “Arab Spring” revolts throughout the constantly turbulent Middle East.

When that treasonous piece of shit wasn’t busy making deals with Iranian dictators who were aiding and abetting the death of American GIs in Iraq and elsewhere, he was ordering our forces into Syria — much to the chagrin, even, of his usually fawning Left-wing dogshit media.

Enter President Trump.

The man ran in 2016 on a campaign of extracting our forces out of these never-ending, death-by-a-thousand-cuts brushfire wars throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. So while he works to reduce our combat presence in Southwest Asia, he ordered American troops the fuck OUT of Syria last week — four years after Obama sent them in.

Jesus H, you’d have thought he took a shit in the spiked punchbowl at the annual White House Correspondents circle jerk.

Every Left-wing lunatic on the douchebag corporate media networks, the “pundit” class, and the Foggy Bottom dickheads who pine for perpetual war have come out of the woodwork to criticize Trump’s decision.

That includes that sneaky, slimy cock knob Adam Schiff, who whined about it on Twitter:

What a douche nozzle.

We aren’t ‘scrambling’ to contain jack shit nor should we. The Kurds fought alongside U.S. forces against ISIS because ISIS was a common enemy, period. There is no bloodline history between Americans and Kurds; it was always a marriage of convenience, nothing more.

Want proof? Now that Trump appropriately bailed, these ‘precious allies’ the Kurds have thrown in with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, the guy Obama was trying to depose.

So there is no fucking loyalty here. Never has been in the sense that Schiff the dick smack is presenting.

Our armed forces (and we ought to know here because a lot of our guys have been there, done that shit) aren’t supposed to be globalist mercenaries jobbed out to shitholes around the planet on behalf of fat-assed globalist pricks and dweebs like Schiff and the entire chattering class in D.C.

They are supposed to be fit and ready to fight to defend our country from legitimate enemies. LeBron James’ China comes to mind.

That doesn’t mean our forces shouldn’t have been sent to Afghanistan in October 2001 to whoop some Taliban ass after those goat fuckers let bin Laden use their territory to plot an attack on our nation that killed 3,000 Americans.

It does mean, however, that we sure as hell shouldn’t be in Afghanistan 19 years later. Youngsters who were born in 2001 are now old enough to volunteer to be sent to Afghanistan; what kind of fucked up shit is that?

Adam Schiff and the rest of his Garbage Party boo-hoo’ing and tut-tutting about Trump pulling our guys and gals in uniform out of at least one Middle East shithole can go inhale a big one. We’re betting that, truth be told, a really big majority of Americans agree with the president: We need to get the fuck out of these places.

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Democrats before Ronald Reagan were the ultra conservative party, and the Republicans were liberal. Democrats have caused enough war and they loved it when JFK went to take over the rebels in French Indochina, or Vietnam and surrounding countries. Democrats like war if they want it. Barak Obama did not lead them to war and he was inconsequential when it came to war. Obama took over the wars started by Bush I, and Bush II. Obama was a very poor President to boot.


If warren becomes president about 95% of the all volunteer military will leave. Then when they draft boys and girls and send em up to the front, we’ll see how gung ho they are.

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