(TNS) Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) wears the uniform of our country (he’s a colonel in the Air Force Reserve) but that doesn’t excuse anything. Gen. Benedict Arnold wore an American colonial army uniform too, and look what a treasonous scumbag he turned out to be.

Lieu, who was born in Taiwan but for some reason is attracted Democrat authoritarianism (which is the same as Chinese mainland Communism), is one of the Garbage Party’s most disgraceful and obnoxious bootlickers.

He frequently takes to his Twitter account to spread the latest party bullshit, which lately has been mostly related to the “Ukraine” scandal.

As we warned on Sunday, the Garbage Party is holding a series of secret hearings and depositions allegedly so they can ‘get to the bottom’ of Trump’s treachery with Ukraine — namely that he supposedly engaged in a quid pro quo threat to cut off military aide to the country unless officials there gave him dirt on Joe Biden.

Ukraine didn’t need to give Trump dirt on Biden; Biden did that. He fucking admitted on video that he threatened to withhold a billion dollars from the Ukrainians in 2014 and 2015 unless they fired a prosecutor investigating a corrupt company that employed his coke-snorting son, Hunter Biden.

And let’s not forget the fact that Bitch Hillary and the Garbage Party tried to force the Ukrainians to provide dirt on the 2016 Trump campaign — which Ukrainian officials have admitted took place.

But here comes Ass-kisser Lieu spewing bullshit from a hearing that no one in the media has seen much less substantiate, claiming that witnesses have dropped bombshells on Trump’s head:

And, of course, this little ass hat can’t help but bring up the widely debunked, oft-discredited (because it was always a fabrication) ‘Russian collusion’ bullshit:

And why, Lieu, do you always kneel before Nancy Pelosi? Is she that good?

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