(TNS) We’ve been warning readers for weeks now that the Garbage Party and the deep state are going all-out to get rid of President Trump ahead of several damaging reports (and potential charges) over their attempted coup, via Spygate.

The effort continues this week as Democrats hold secret proceedings in the House and selectively leak to allies in the dogshit establishment media.

But those in the know are aware of what’s going on, and that includes former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz, head of the Center for Security Policy.

In an interview with One America News, Fleitz said that the Garbage Party is conducting its ‘impeachment’ depositions and hearings in secret without allowing Republicans the opportunity to publicly cross-examine them.

That way, these pieces of shit can craft any narrative they want and then serve it up to the establishment media so they can regurgitate it verbatim and boom…’Trump is guilty.’

It’s great work if you can get it (and you’re an America-hating douchebag) — but the only reason Democrats are able to get away with this bullshit is because far too many Republican voters stayed home last November instead of getting off their asses to go cast a ballot to defend this republic.

Trump can’t do this shit alone, folks. He needs our help. He needs defending.

As much as we all know what the Garbage Party is doing is nothing but trying to pull off a bullshit coup attempt, it’s serious bullshit because now the deep state’s propaganda media is accompanying these proceedings with fake polls showing ‘a majority’ of Americans now want the president impeached.

Fleitz explains.


[videopress KRifu6VM]

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