(TNS) Nobody who has an IQ above 60 actually believes that CNN is a real news network, so it didn’t take a Project Veritas undercover investigation to point out what a bunch of lying, politically motivated, Left-wing asswipes they employ.

Nevertheless, PV did do an undercover investigation and in the process proved that every word we wrote above is 100 percent accurate.

CNN hasn’t been right about much for years, but the network’s executives, editors and correspondents completely lost any remaining semblance of objectivity after President Trump defeated Bitch Hillary.

And now the network is all-in on “impeachment” as their masters in the Garbage Party and the deep state launch their latest effort to tell 63 million Americans who voted for the president “Fuck you, we’re going to depose him like we’re a shitty, third-world banana republic.”

Because for some reason, these idiots believe Trump’s original voters and the legions of new supporters he has won over since revitalizing our economy, burning Obama’s policies, and back-handing cheating trade fucks like China are just gonna sit back and let him be thrown out of office.

In any event, if you’ve ever wondered what a real, live, walking, talking douchebag looks like, take a gander:

This is the shit that poses as “news media.” And that’s exactly what it is: Shit.

CNN is just a microcosm of what our ‘mainstream media’ have become. Think not? Then try to tell the difference between one mainstream media asshole and another on any given news night.

They are all pushing the same narrative. They all push the same horseshit — night after night after night. And in the Trump era, it’s near-hysteria: “WE MUST IMPEACH THIS LAWLESS PRESIDENT!”


CNN is worse than a joke. But that makes the network exactly like every other corporate media outlet: Shills and propagandists for the Garbage Party and their Marxist anti-American masters in the deep state. Fuck those pricks.

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