(TNS) If you still wondered why it is so important that President Trump wins again in 2020, one reason is because he will get to continue putting constitutionalists on federal courts.

In addition to the Garbage Party, the president’s biggest obstacle to enacting his agenda has been fucking Left-wing partisan hacks posing as federal judges.

Issuing decrees like gods, these pieces of shit claim the authority to issue nationwide injunctions that not only hamper Trump but circumvent presidential authority as plainly laid out in Article II of the Constitution and existing statutory law.

You may recall that Trump declared a national emergency in February to deal with the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border.

He invoked the emergency, in part, so he could appropriate funds from other agencies — funds that had not been earmarked for specific uses — to begin building new sections of border wall.

Naturally, Left-wing groups cherry-picked a federal court and sued to stop the construction, and naturally the cherry-pieced shitbag judge issued an injunction to stop the construction.

The administration appealed and “on July 26, the Supreme Court overturned a lower court order preventing the administration from moving forward with expanding the border wall with Mexico,” The Epoch Times reported.

SCOTUS said that the president was well within his rights to spend non-earmarked Defense Department funds for border wall construction because really, Trump wasn’t doing a damned thing differently nearly every president ahead of him in the modern era has also done.

So that should have settled the issue, right? Wrong.

Another fuck nut federal judge — this one in Texas — has just issued another ruling against the administration’s border wall construction.

U.S. District Judge David Briones, appointed by Blow Job Bill Clinton, claims the president’s lawful declaration of a national emergency is not lawful.

The Epoch Times:

“The Proclamation is unlawful because the funding plan violates the CAA generally and … § 739 [specifically],” the judge wrote.

CAA refers to the Consolidated Appropriations Act approved by Congress; Section 739 prohibits funds covered under the statute from being used for any project not specifically listed in the legislation.


SCOTUS has already ruled on this question. It’s settled. The president has the authority to appropriate non-specified funds and use them for border wall construction:

Writing in The Hill newspaper in January 2019 about Trump’s use of the law, left-leaning constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley stated, “Congress expressly gave presidents the authority to declare such emergencies and act unilaterally.”

As Turley points out, this authority has been evoked in “roughly 30 such emergencies that continue to this day” with little or no controversy until the current president invoked it. Lawmakers have tried and failed to overturn Trump’s use of the law to secure border wall construction funding.

We’re not advocates of anarchy, of course, but it’s high time the administration gave these Left-wing judges the big fat fuck you finger and moved on, especially on this issue because it’s been settled.

And if Briones doesn’t like it, there is plenty of Donald Trump ass he can kiss.

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