(TNS) If we wanted to, we could make a career out of exposing the Washington establishment media for being nothing more than outright propagandists for the Garbage Party and the anti-American Left.

As noted earlier this morning, we pointed out that these assholes are still pretending like President Trump begged China to investigate saggy nuts Joe Biden and his corrupt coke-snorting son, Hunter, over a sweetheart business deal with a state-owned bank.

The president did no such thing, nor did he beg Ukraine to investigate the Bidens ‘or else’ he’d withhold military aid to that country. Both allegations are complete fabrications of what the president plainly said, as any reasonable American can easily deduce using televised and transcript evidence.

But the fucktard media isn’t populated with rational people. It is replete with Garbage Party Leftists posing as journalists and they hate this president more than they love their own profession, which is supposed to be informing the American electorate of the pressing issues of the day.

The latest fake outrage has to do with a violent meme video that was played this past weekend in a side room at the AMP 2019 Festival in Miami, Florida.

Almost no one who attended the event saw it. But some jackass establishment media poser did and now it’s being broadcast and publicized by all the usual suspects (see graphic above) including ‘newspapers of record’ like The New York Times and Washington Post.

The video in question shows a meme’ed Donald Trump shooting media members, Mitt Romney, Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Griffin in a remake of a scene from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service:

Gruesome? Yeah, sure it is. But what do these mainstream media ass wipes expect?

This president and his family, more than any before him, have been threatened and ‘faux killed’ by piece of shit “entertainers” like Snoop Dogg (twice), Kathy Griffin (remember the Trump severed head?), that piece of shit Peter Fonda, that weirdo Johnny Depp, and Madonna — just to name a few.

Trump’s been called everything from “Nazi” to “murderer” to “dictator” by those shitheads in the media.

And they have the balls to pretend like this video is the ‘wrongest thing ever’?

Fuuuuck you.

Some conservative types are already crying about it and trying to distance themselves from it.

Yeah, that ain’t us. We happen to think it is spot-on. We aren’t apologizing for jack shit and neither should any conservative who is tired of seeing this president and his administration under siege by Marxist dickheads who only hate America more than him.

In fact, if anyone has earned the right to be treated like this, it’s the Left-wing ass clowns in the fake media and every ‘entertainer’ who has made debasing, disgusting, and wholly inappropriate comments and threats about the president and his family.

That this is being treated like a the ‘latest Trump scandal’ when almost no one at the event even knew a thing about the video is proof, again, that our ‘mainstream’ media is nothing but dogshit, as are the people who work in that profession.

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