(TNS) President Trump doesn’t have many friends in Hollywood and the entertainment industry or, at least, not many who have the courage of their convictions and will stand up, publicly, and support him.

But actor Jon Voight isn’t one of those pussies. He has visceral love and respect for the country and its people, and he’s been willing to stand up and profess his support for the President Trump, the second coming of George Washington and the man we needed at this point in our history to lead us.

Voight has recorded a new video message of inspiration and courage — not just for Trump, but for all Americans who support him and do not want to see our country taken over by Marxist douchebags who would reduce America to an authoritarian nightmare.

His message: Let us Stand … for Trump, for our country, for our future. And let us stand up for the values that make America great (and is making it great again).

And to those dickheads who find Voight’s message offensive, well…fuck you. Go find a ‘better’ place to live.


[videopress epMilTv5]

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