(TNS) RINO Paul Ryan was a disgrace as a “Republican” House Speaker, and one of his biggest failings was failing to take advantage of complete GOP control of Congress and the White House during President Trump’s first two years in office.

Some conservatives (us included) have blamed this prick for losing the House, as he and more than 50 other establishment Republican asswipes bailed on their constituents, on Trump, and on our republic ahead of the 2018 elections.

None of Ryan’s anti-Trump treachery has been lost on the president. In fact, he took an opportunity during an interview Saturday night with Fox News’ Judge Janine Pirro (below) to rip Ryan a new asshole and blame him for refusing to allow Republican Party chairmen to subpoena scumbag deep state figures who assisted Obama in setting up the Spygate coup attempt.

“We have great, great relationships with the people in the Rupublican Party. But they don’t fight dirty,” the president said after Pirro noted that the GOP doesn’t have the nads to go after Democrats over their obvious corruption the same way the Garbage Party targets Republicans…for nothing.

“As an example with subpoenas. You take a look at Paul Ryan when he was Speaker. He wouldn’t give em! I’m not even knocking him for that. He wouldn’t give em. He thought it was inappropriate” Trump said.

“Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, all of the guys wanted, Gaetz, all of them. Matt Gaetz. I could name 25 people. These are incredible people. They wanted subpoenas to investigate all of the corruption that they found,” he continued.

“Horrible, horrible corruption. Paul Ryan would say, ‘Well, wait a minute, slow down. Let’s come back next week.’ They would come back, they wouldn’t get it. [Pelosi] hands them out like they’re cookies!”

Because Ryan was such a political pussy, we now have a House full of douchebag Democrats tearing our republic apart trying to impeach a president who hasn’t done a thing wrong except defeat the chronically corrupt Bitch Hillary.

There’s more. We hear Ryan, now a Fox News board member, is urging that network to ‘decisively break’ from Trump.

WTF? It’s hard to imagine any Republican would consider Donald Trump a bigger threat to our republic than the deep state and their Garbage Party Marxist enablers.

Apparently, Ryan does.


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