(TNS) The Garbage Party is set to ramp up their fake impeachment ‘inquiry’ with a series of depositions this coming week, and of course their allies in the douchebag media will breathlessly report each one as the latest ‘bombshell’ set to sink President Trump.

Because AG William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham continue to close in on the real corruption — Joe and Hunter Biden, in particular, but also other members of Obama’s former regime — House Democrats are racing to get Trump impeached before those findings are made public.

One clown show after another after another is what we have to look forward to, but it only begins this coming week. The bullshit is going to stretch into the fall and, at some point we believe the Garbage Party may actually pull the trigger on formally impeaching this president.

As noted by One America News, one of the ‘most important’ depositions in the House’s “jam-packed schedule” involve testimony from a Ukrainian-American former adviser of presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani, as well as Trump’s former top aide to Russia.

If you haven’t noticed, because Giuliani has been outspoken in his defense of Trump and has appeared on several legitimate news outlets discussing very real evidence he has obtained on the Joe and Hunter Biden, the Democrat deep state attack dogs are now targeting him for destruction.

That began last week when the politicized scumbags in the Southern District of New York arrested a pair of former “Giuliani associates” who just happened to have ties to Ukraine as they were preparing to board a plane to Austria. For “campaign finance violations” — the charge of choice for the deep state which is still trying to prove “Russia collusion.”

Understand that Giuliani and Trump are conducting a corruption probe; they are not engaging in corruption. Why the SDNY would be targeting the president’s men remains a mystery; maybe that’s something AG Barr should look into (??).

As for the Garbage Parry, they are ‘taking depositions’ so they can hold proceedings in secret rather than simply have witnesses appear to provide “testimony” in open sessions – even while these fuckers insist that President Trump and his administration cling to “transparency.”

They are all pimples on the ass of America and a shit stain on our republic. None of what they are doing is legitimate. Keep in mind, too, the Garbage Party doesn’t give a fuck about addressing our country’s challenges and solving problems; they have their coup and that’s it.

And get ready: While the douchebag media will claim otherwise, none of what’s going to be said this week will actually support a legitimate impeachment effort — that is, if prick Democrats ever actually hold a real impeachment vote.


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