(TNS) If you’re like us, you’re sick and tired of hearing Garbage Party politicians mock, denigrate, and insult Christians.

Yeah, we know — our language can be raw and very ‘un-Christian-like,’ and we have reasons for that. But the frank manner in how we approach the issues threatening our republic doesn’t detract from the fact is we know and appreciate that America is a vastly Christian-majority country and has been since our founding.

You know who doesn’t appreciate it? Democrats.

In fact, they’re just pricks about it. They routinely shit all over Christians and their belief system in order to promote the most vile, heinous, and abnormal human behaviors on the planet.

While they bash Christians over their inability to support gay marriage as “bigoted” (while Christians do not condemn gays and lesbians themselves), the Garbage Party supports abortion on demand, allowing perverts, molesters and ‘gender fluid’ lunatics to be in close proximity to our children, and letting fucking weirdo men dressed up like women read to our kids.


Liz “Fauxcohontas” Warren is, of course, no different. Separate from the fact that she lied her ass off about being an Indian, she has now directed new insults towards Christians this week as she campaigned for the votes of Americans who are some of the most intolerant, hypocritical ass clowns on the planet.

The First Amendment guarantees Americans the right to freely practice and observe any religion they choose. The founders didn’t add any caveats “freedom of religion.” They didn’t say “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…unless, of course, you’re discriminating against someone else…”

Observation of a religion is not discriminatory, and we don’t give a fuck how many federal judges have said otherwise. The founders were very clear about guaranteeing the religious rights of Americans; they didn’t want government mandating it or preventing it.

Left-wing ideologues in the Garbage Party have been working for decades to not only limit religious observation but actually criminalize it. If you speak out against gay marriage or protecting kids from douchebags pretending to be the opposite sex, that’s “hate speech.” You’re a “bigot.” You should be punished.

It’s bullshit. And people like Liz Warren are enabling the bullshit with their intolerance and hatred.

Inez Feltscher, a senior policy analyst with the Independent Women’s Forum, calls out Warren — and she’s spot-on.


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