(TNS) There is a reason why we have labeled the Democrats the Garbage Party. It’s because it is a political movement that attracts and is comprised of garbage people.

While most of our readers appreciate are big balls, ‘we don’t give a fuck’ attitude when it comes to exposing the Marxist pukes who are attempting to depose our president and turn our country into just another authoritarian shithole, some are ‘offended’ by our language and our approach.

You have a right to your opinion.

You also have a right to patronize another news site. But we guarantee you one thing: We’re the only ones out there who refuse to kowtow to the outrage crowd and cringe like bitches when it comes to calling out the Garbage Party and the pieces of shit who vote for them.

Like the ass clown coward who spit on this older gentleman and Trump supporter outside the president’s Minneapolis rally in the middle of an interview with Vice.


[videopress EpLNXsuz]

The use of violence and intimidation to advance a political ideology and political objectives is as old as humankind. In the modern era, however, the tactics have always been employed by authoritarian ideologies: Communists, Marxists, Leftists, Socialists.

Those who seek freedom and liberty, by contract, support the civil society. They operate within an established legal system. They play by the rules. They try to win converts with the strength of better ideas and sound, reasoned arguments.

They aren’t motherfuckers who spit on people like little bitch cowards.

The Garbage Party not only condones such behavior by not speaking out against it, they very often blame the victims of such abuse and try to claim that they ‘deserve’ to be treated like that by pretending that Trump is a tyrant, a bigot, a Nazi, a fascist, etc. etc.

It’s all bullshit. Trump is the second coming of George Washington. It’s the Garbage Party that employs scumbags and violence to steal power.

Some have been asking, ‘Why the language? Why the anger? Why the outrage?’

Take another look at that video above and you’ll have your answer.

We’re sick of being nice to these pricks so we’re not going to be. They don’t deserve ‘nice’ and ‘decorum.’ They deserve to have their asses kicked then sent to a shithole Commie ‘utopian’ of their choice.

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