(TNS) President Trump was in typical form during his rally Thursday night in front of a packed venue of 20,000 with an additional 25,000 people watching outside.

As is his style, the president spared no one on the Garbage Party’s side of the aisle.

He was particularly harsh — though brutally honest — about Joe and Hunter Biden.

At one point as he noted that he’s the only one who has ever managed to get the ChiComs to the trade negotiating table )(truth), he blasted Hunter as a “loser” who didn’t know shit about energy though he managed to secure a $167,000-a-month gig with a Ukrainian gas company….that was under investigation for corruption….until daddy threatened the Ukrainian government with a loss of financial aid unless the prosecutor doing the investigation was fired….which he was.

But one of the best moments of the night was when Trump literally said the only reason Joe Biden was ‘successful’ during his eight-year VP tenure was because he “kissed Barack Obama’s ass.”

Holy shit, man. We love the balls on this president. And the crowd went nuts.


[videopress 0VBsTEQw]

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