(TNS) President Trump held his first major campaign rally Thursday night since Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a pretend ‘impeachment inquiry’ and by any measure, it was a resounding success.

At one point, the president even remarked that the only reason former VP Joe “Ukraine was my playground” Biden was even remotely successful was because he made a habit out of “kissing Barack Obama’s ass.”

That is political gold for the president’s supporters; his big boy, big balls approach is so appreciated by tens of millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the attacks on traditional and constitutional values by douchebag Commie Leftists who now own the Garbage Party.

But of course, Pelosi’s impeachment threat could turn real at some point. She’s being pushed towards it by the radical Left and they aren’t going to settle for anything less.

This is evident by the protests at the president’s Minneapolis venue, which we reported, noting that we expect these protests to get increasingly more violent.

And we’re not alone. A former real Speaker of the House and U.S. historian, Newt Gingrich, believes America is essentially a cultural powder keg at the moment — hopelessly divided and (in our opinion as well) too far gone to ever unite again around anything.

In fact, Gingrich thinks we’re “as close now to a cultural civil war as we’ve been since the 1860s” when our country fought a real, live hot civil war that left 700,000 of our ancestors dead and buried, and half the country at the time annihilated.

Is it gonna happen again? Isn’t it already happening on some levels? We’ve already seen acts of violence — real violence, like attempted bombings — by Left-wing ‘Antifa’ shitheads who are terminally pissed off at Trump and every one of his supporters because they’ve been brainwashed into believing we are doing to them what they are actually doing to us.

Our country is on a collision course because our differences at this juncture appear irreconcilable through normal means. If Trump wins, as we expect he will, the shit is really going to hit the fan.

Gingrich is wise. And he’s clearly worried. He, better than just about anyone, understands what happens not just to our country but the world if the United States devolves into civil war.

The fucking planet will blow up because, like it or not, we guarantee security for more than half the people on earth.


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