(TNS) Several days ago, racist, bigoted anti-Semite Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) toured a Detroit police facility that employs facial recognition technology as a crime-fighting tool.

The artificial intelligence used to power facial recognition is flawed, and several studies have shown that. But it’s flawed not due to any human component; the technology just isn’t good enough yet to be 100-percent reliable.

But what does this bitch do?

She was getting an in-service on facial recognition software and technology when she suggested that only blacks should operate it because, you know, whites and everyone else think “all black people look alike.”


We understand that the Garbage Party doesn’t think there is a thing wrong with shit like this. They think all Americans see things the way this bitch does.

They’re wrong — and even the black Detroit Police chief, Craig, who was giving this douche nozzle the in-service, refused to go along with her suggestion that ‘e’ryone thinks you people all looks alike.’ (Good for him, btw)

Craig pushed back further in an interview Thursday with One America News‘ Liz Wheeler, telling her specifically that he was offended by Tlaib’s racism and that it’s training that matters — and his personnel are well-trained.

And he also called out the bullshit study she provided him to ‘support’ her claims as being very small, not peer-reviewed, and, thus, wholly non-supportive.


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