(TNS) As the 2020 president election cycle moves into full swing, you should expect to see the same kinds of Left-wing protests and violence occur at President Trump’s rallies as occurred during his 2016 run.

Only worse — because this time around the Leftist shitbags who have been brainwashed by the Garbage Party have had nearly four years of hate indoctrination and they’re pissed off that Trump is still in the White House, much less around to run for reelection.

That was in evidence last night at the president’s rally in Minnesota, a barely blue state Trump is trying to turn red (and he has a hella good shot at doing that after coming within a percent-and-a-half of winning it in 2016).

While the president’s rally was well-attended (again) — 20,000 people inside the arena and an additional 25,000 or so outside watching on huge monitors — Communist fucksticks were out in force too, doing what they do: Destroying shit, pretending to be ‘revolutionaries,’ and generally behaving in a manner that would be met with gunfire and dungeons were it to occur in “utopian paradises” like China and Cuba.


[videopress Ng2BMOKn]


Notice the idiot waving a Commie/China flag. Meanwhile, pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have been seen waving American flags. You can’t make this shit up.

And let’s stop calling this Trump opposition movement “democracy” or “socialism” — it’s neither. It’s being led by full-on Communist douchebags who are part and parcel of the same deep state that seeks to derail Trump and replace our republic with an authoritarian system.

As the 2020 election cycle ramps up and Trump attempts to make inroads into blue enclaves to steal electoral votes from whomever the dipshit is who becomes the Garbage Party nominee, expect more of this kind of thing.

And when Trump wins again, all hell will break loose.

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