(TNS) If there is one thing we have come to appreciate about President Trump it is his feisty, plain-spoken, in-your-face, right-back-at-you manner.

He doesn’t take shit from anyone — especially Americans who are ungrateful, supremely fortunate and wealthy.

This ‘controversy’ involving the NBA and China is only controversial because the POS players and the league are bending over to take it up the ass by Communists while trashing their own country — the world’s greatest bastion and protector of individual freedom and liberty.

Trump took it to Steph Curry, who acted like a little bitch when asked about how the league is treating an owner who dared to stick up for democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Not only would this coward refuse to speak definitively about American liberty and American freedom, he made sure to vomit several Left-wing platitudes about “gun violence” and “gender equality” and shit like that.


The Left is doing what it always does: Shit on America, shit on Americanism, and speak highly of authoritarian regimes that it would love to emulate in our country.

President Trump is like, “Yeah, fuck that.”


[videopress 6IxmS14X]

As Republicans, conservatives, and America-first patriots, we are so lucky to finally have a fighter as president. Imagine that milquetoast piece of shit Mitt Romney as president, and what a pussy he would be when confronted with such Left-wing hate.

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