Senior Guatemalan security official: Trump is RIGHT, aid funds rarely make it poor people

(TNS) Once again, President Trump has been vindicated in his efforts to cut wasteful spending on foreign aid programs that don’t produce any real results.

As reported by Sara Carter:

It is a stunning admission by Guatemala’s Secretary of Strategic Intelligence Mario Duarte, who says the funding needs to be thoroughly accounted for by both the United States and Guatemala.

He discussed everything from U.S. Guatemala relations, illegal immigration, terrorism and fighting narco trafficking organizations. He added that the funding being cut will not affect his nation’s work and cooperation with the United States to curtail the growing security threats posed by narco traffickers and other major security issues, like the illegal immigration crisis. Duarte emphasized that the funding cuts will not be ‘directly’ related to security programs.

“To be honest with you, I don’t think most of that money is actually being properly used in our country, mainly in Guatemala,” Duarte said. “A lot of that money goes to NGOs who spend it on mostly doing analysis and white papers and studies. The money’s not really going towards the people. There’s no significant projects that really help us along those lines.”

He further stated that last week he had “a conversation with a couple of project managers from USAID that have worked here in Guatemala, they have worked in Haiti, they have worked in Africa, they have worked in Afghanistan and the issue here is that the projects are almost like pet projects for some political ideal.

“It’s not something thats going to significantly increase the Guatemalan capacity to actually start building up on that and create jobs, and create some sort of development.  So, at some point, there needs to be a good coordination in between the executive of the United States and the executive of Guatemala to really make a change in how these projects are selected and how they’re funded to make sure that the money is actually used to assist us in developing our undeveloped regions. And, you know, redundancy applied here,” Duarte added.

In other words, when the president says a lot of our foreign aid money goes for bullshit that doesn’t help anyone, he’s exactly right. As usual.

This is yet another reason why the Garbage Party and their douchebag protectors in the deep state swamp want this president gone: He actually wants to end the ass-raping of American taxpayers that they’ve been facilitating now for decades.

And in doing so, tear down their little fiefdoms and power structures that, up to now, has shielded them from any serious scrutiny.

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S. K.
S. K.

Thank you for connecting the dots. The same scheme has happened to Taiwan since the end of WWII, but a million times worse. Tons of USAid has been spent on the Chinese Nationalist refugee group hiding in Taiwan (claiming to represent the dead Republic of China) in the name of helping the Taiwanese people. More info on

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