(TNS) We never thought we’d say this, but it appears as though Fox News’ hard news division is now part of the same propaganda wing of the Garbage Party as the rest of the Washington establishment media.

You may have read today that a new poll from FNC shows “51 percent” of “likely voters” now support impeaching President Donald Trump, with most of those also supporting his removal from office.

That figure is up from a previous survey just several weeks ago.

So — are conservatives who form the majority of FNC’s audience now solidly against this president?

The answer is: Hell no.

This poll is just as rigged as the other garbage surveys taken by the mainstream media douchebags, and frankly, we’ve been warning readers this shit was going to happen.

In fact, Fox News was one of the many news organizations that got it wrong with Trump beat Bitch Hillary in 2016.

And ain’t it funny how piece of shit Democrats like that blowhard ass clown Ted Lieu are suddenly today citing a Fox News poll as ‘proof’ that the president’s supporters are “turning against” him when they can barely discuss that network without melting down.

“Fake News Fox” is now suddenly “Fox News Gospel.” Bullshit.

In fact, as suspected, the Fox News poll was heavily slanted. Pollsters surveyed Democrats by +14 points:

The RNC is throwing the bullshit flag too.

Gee whiz — what happened to FNC? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that fucking puke RINO Paul Ryan now sits on the network’s board and reportedly has been urging it to ‘move on’ from Trump.

What an asshole. He’s responsible for losing the House — his final act of “FU” to Trump on his way out the door last fall.

Trump is likely going to turn Minnesota from blue to red, and his campaign is making inroads into other blue states. Also, his rallies continue to be mob scenes, with tens of thousands more Americans lining up for days ahead of each venue than the venues are able to accommodate.

Yeah, the country sure is pining for our president’s impeachment, alright.


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