(TNS) The Left has gone to great lengths to convince as many people as possible that “climate change” is occurring because humans are living a technologically modern life.

But having failed at convincing a majority of us that cattle farts, SUVs, and airplanes are destroying our planet, the globalist masterminds have turned to a different tactic: Scaring the shit out of Millennials with fake reports, fabricated data, and scary tales of an apocalyptic future.

Of course, the Left’s exploitation of children to advance their political agenda is nothing new. It manifested itself again recently when they paraded young Greta Thunberg to the UN so she could lecture world leaders about how they are ‘destroying’ her future by modernizing their societies.

It’s maddening. And really, it’s a form of child abuse. These pricks are criminals.

How else could you convince young people to act like this to demonstrate “climate extinction?”

[videopress VRHFvi4f]


Are you convinced yet? Have you changed your mind about believing in human-caused ‘climate change?’


Again, we can’t ‘blame’ these young people; they’ve been brainwashed, pure and simple.

No, we blame the globalist douchebags who use ‘climate change’ the way they used ‘global warming’ and, before that, ‘global cooling’ and ‘overpopulation’ — as vehicles to destroy freedom, destroy capitalism, and enslave the world’s people.

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