(TNS) Fake news. Fake polls. Lying Democrat politicians. ‘Whistleblowers.’ Ukraine. President Trump. Subpoenas. Impeachment.

What the hell is going on in our country?

Casual observers of the news, such as it is, would tend to think that somehow, some way, we’ve managed to elect the most heinous son of a bitch to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Surely he must be guilty of some pretty awful shit for there to suddenly be such a rush to get him out of office (though we’ve got an election a year away).

The dogshit establishment media is working overtime for their masters in the Garbage Party to create an illusion of corruption, illegal behavior, and impeachable offenses that, were it not so serious, would be hysterically funny.

What’s really going on is this: Donald Trump represents an existential threat, alright, but not to the safety, viability, and security of our republic.

He represents the most serious threat to legitimately “draining the swamp” anyone has seen in our lifetimes. And honestly, we may never see another effort like it.

Trump really does want to disband the gaggle of elitists, globalists, and deep state ass clowns who have run our domestic and foreign policy for decades for the benefit of self-enrichment, at the expense of doing what is best for our country.

He, better than anyone, has seen what these pricks of done to America — and to Americans — because as president he’s able to pull back the curtain and see all the shit that’s gone on for years and years.

The endless wars. The shitty “trade” deals that enrich other nations at our expense. The foreign policies like the ‘Iran deal’ that expose our country to dangers while empowering authoritarian regimes that then threaten us and our allies. The deference to a pacifist European continent that Americans have spent trillions of dollars defending — only to be bitched at by ungrateful sons of bitches whose governments wouldn’t exist without our protection.

That’s why Trump is under siege. That’s why he must be defended.

Liz Wheeler at One America News finished her program Monday night with a recap of all the facts surrounding the deep state’s bullshit ‘impeachment’ push. So much of what passes for truth…isn’t.

Saving our republic isn’t going to be a cakewalk, folks. It’s just that simple.


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