(TNS) Once upon a time the Garbage Party and the American Left in general was against fighting brushfire wars in far away lands involving people who are practically raised to fight amongst themselves because they are members of ass-backward cultures.

Nowadays though, the idiot Left loves brushfire wars and as many of them as we can possibly get. Ditto for the globalist deep state, thought their love for endless war has never subsided.

But you know who doesn’t love this shit? Donald Trump and, truth be told, probably 95 percent of the American people.

In fact, the president came into office promising to extract American troops from shitholes like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Yet every time he’s tried he’s been opposed by fat, overstuffed warmongering pieces of shit in DC, most of whom have never put on a uniform and picked up a rifle in defense of our country, let alone in defense of their own deep state foreign policy, in some far-off land inhabited by people still living in the 10th century.

That said, earlier this week the commander-in-chief gave the military an order: Get the fuck out of Syria, another in a long line of Middle East dung holes where American forces have been sent to play globo-cop on behalf of globalist douchebags.

And he’s being blasted for it. Again. And not just by the Garbage Party, whose members would bitch if Trump came out tomorrow with a formula to cure all cancers.

He’s also being criticized by Republicans who have been led to believe by ‘think tank’ warriors that the only way forward for the advancement of ‘democracy’ is to put American soldiers in as many countries as possible — and then leave them there for eternity.

Trump is saying, “Fuck that,” because Americans who elected him have said it too.

And he should — because he knows what the hell is going on over in Syria. He gets all the intel.

What’s more, as former CIA officer Brad Johnson, president of Americans for Intelligence Reform, there is a lot of shit going on in and around Syria that isn’t being reported by the dogshit Washington media.

Like, Syria was Obama’s mess. Like, Antifa members have been trained by Kurdish militias operating inside Syria. Like, Turkey has legitimate concerns that the Kurdish groups who were ‘helping the U.S.’ really have committed acts of terrorism against Turkish citizens. Like, the Kurds only sided with us because they and Obama had a common enemy: Syrian President Bashar Assad.

There’s much more. Just don’t fall for the lame-brain bullshit of the media and the congressional war hawks.


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