(NationalSentinel) Sen. Bernie Sanders, the “Independent” communist who feels right at home running as a Democrat for president (what does that tell you about the Garbage Party?) isn’t really qualified to be our commander-in-chief.

He said so himself in a tweet Monday.

Why? Because he’s “old-fashioned” and “believes in the U.S. Constitution.”

What a gargantuan load of bullshit, Bernie. Our founding document is the last thing you ‘believe in.’

This guy is a legitimate Communist. He and his wife honeymooned in Moscow (during the Cold War!). Every policy proposal he makes a) empowers government, b) weakens individual liberty, and c) destroys federalism.

That irony wasn’t lost on One America News’ Liz Wheeler. Her take-down of Bernie’s bullshit was epic and spot-on.

In a media world full of charlatans, Garbage Party hacks, liars, and Marxist propagandists, there are a few bright spots. OANN is one of them.


[videopress XT5uVbTf]

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