(NationalSentinel) As President Trump remains under siege by dweebs, douchebags, dickheads, and losers in the Garbage Party, the Deep State is continuing to undermine him in other ways besides trying to have him impeached for no reason other than he’s way too much George Washington for them to handle.

The president has been working to extract U.S. forces from the endless wars being fought in one shithole after another — Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria come to mind.

But at every turn he’s been opposed by fucking globalists in both parties who are of the mind that America can’t conduct diplomacy or foreign policy without putting troops on the ground.

The president laid all of this out in a series of tweets Monday:

Nothing the president said is wrong. But you wait — he’s already getting pushback from some of the usual suspects (Lindsey Graham alert):

Hey Lindsey, fuck you. We’re spending money (we don’t have) fighting these dogshit wars instead of investing in next-gen weapons systems like China and Russia, two countries that really threaten us.

It’s past time we brought our troops home from these conflicts which long ago stopped serving our legitimate foreign policy interests and that now produce nothing but casualties and expense — no victories, no progress, no advancement of our foreign policy objectives, and no end in sight.

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