(NationalSentinel) We think it’s probably time for Fox News to make some sort of formal statement that it has gone over to the dark side and joined with the rest of the Washington establishment media in serving as the Garbage Party’s propaganda division.

There are so many real stories that news division guys like Chris Wallace could be pursuing in the age of President Donald Trump — like the fact that he continues to endure an ongoing coup attempt by deep state douchebags — but instead he chooses to pretend like bullshit is real, lies are facts, and he’s some sort of super-journalist for pretending to be ‘fair and balanced.’

During his Fox News Sunday program, Wallace had House Intelligence Committee Rep. Chris Steward (R-Utah) on to discuss “damaging revelations this week” about a “second Ukraine whistleblower” that, you know, Fox has “confirmed” actually has “first-hand information” about the president’s call to Ukrainian President Zelensky in July.

This comes, of course, after the first “whistleblower,” a Democrat-aligned CIA hack who first contacted that pencil neck piece of shit chairman of the Intel Committee, Adam Schiff, has been blown out of the water by truth bombs regarding his “second-hand information” regarding the same call.

And it also comes after the White House has already released a transcript of that call, which does not show Trump threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine, does not show a “quid pro quo” arrangement, and does not show that the president was demanding “dirt” on Joe Biden (fact is, Trump’s administration is conducting a corruption investigation into Biden, which is wholly appropriate because he and his son have a lot of shit to answer for regarding Ukraine).

Which brings us full circle back to this circle jerk of an interview and the pretend “damaging information” Wallace says this second whistleblower has: What the hell is he talking about?

There is no other information to be learned about the phone call. The White House has released the transcript. First-hand, second-hand, eighth-hand — who gives a shit? The information isn’t going to change. The transcript has been published.

So why is this dipshit Wallace pretending that this is a big deal like that rest of the punk ass ‘mainstream media?’ It’s a fucking hoax.

As Stewart is aware.


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