Original ‘Ukraine whistleblower’ tells OANN: ‘The report filed against POTUS Trump is WRONG’ (Video)

(NationalSentinel) The Washington establishment media is flush with resources and maintains a global network of contacts and correspondents, but somehow can’t figure out and report the truth when it comes to stories that have major implications for our country.

Of course, the real issue is that these pricks don’t want to report the truth — especially when it comes to President Donald Trump and exonerating him from all the bullshit they are accusing him of doing.

The most recent “scandal,” of course, entails allegations that he “pressured” or “blackmailed” Ukrainian President Zelensky into providing him “dirt” on former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in exchange for providing that country with promised military aid, all of which was alleged in a Democrat CIA agent’s “whistleblower complaint” that, we now know, went through the congressional office of that fucking liar Adam Schiff.

The truth, however, is that — and this is all documented in a transcript of the July phone call between Trump and Zelensky that the White House released — the president never threatened Zelensky; never engaged in a quid pro quo; never withheld military aid; and never asked specifically for “dirt” on the Bidens.

By comparison, Joe Biden did all of that shit and more when he served as Barack Obama’s policy point man on Ukraine. And in fact, as he himself has openly bragged, Biden got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was looking into corruption involving a company that was paying son Hunter 50 grand a month at the time.

Oh, but there’s nothing to see there.

Except that there is.

One America News’ Jack Prosobiec sat down with the original Ukraine whistleblower and former Ukrainian diplomat — something the rest of the shit establishment media could have done if those pieces of shit wanted to because, again, they’ve all got the resources to find these people and get the truth out.

But they won’t because they hate Trump and they’re nothing but propaganda outlets for the Garbage Party.

What OANN discovered is that the CIA whistleblower’s complaint is complete bullshit.


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Sarai Goldstein
Sarai Goldstein

Yes, this man does use profanity, but he’s scared. Biden’s threats, extortion and corruption have been exposed, but it is NOTHING compared to the entrenched evil, corruption and murder committed by the Clintons and Obama as they took billions to fund their international child and human sex trafficking operation, Epsteins pedophilia enterprise, and the conspiracy to take down president Trump. This man knows that he and perhaps his entire family will be assassinated to protect the satanic Deep State, of which vile, godless demons like Adam Schiff, Comey, Rosenstein, Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, Mitt Romney, and the Clinton and Obama regimes… Read more »


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