(NationalSentinel) Many Americans who watch George Stephanopoulos on ABC News in the mornings have no idea what he used to do for a living.

Along with another media hack, James Carville, this smug little prick was once in charge of the Bill Clinton political “war room” and was widely credited with helping foist Slick Willy “Blow Job” Clinton and his corrupt wife, Bitch Hillary, on the country.

After leaving the Clinton regime Stephanopoulos did what a lot of Democrat hacks do — he became a “journalist,” so he could continue his political work under the guise of being a legitimate reporter and correspondent. He’s neither.

Now he spends his days spreading bullshit about President Trump and carrying water for the Garbage Party — like a good little Commie apparatchik.

Like his propagandist colleagues in the dogshit Washington media, Stephanopoulos is attempting to convince us that we didn’t see what we saw or hear what we heard President Trump say — and didn’t say — about China and Joe Biden last week.

To this little bastard, when Trump says “Maybe China should look into dealings” involving the Bidens — Hunter Biden landed a $1.5 billion deal with a Chinese government bank in 2015 after flying to Beijing aboard Air Force Two with daddy — that’s akin to enlisting China’s help with Trump’s political campaign.


In an interview with Stephanopoulos on Sunday to discuss this latest pretend scandal, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) did exactly what every other Republican should do: Refuse to accept the premise that Trump is guilty of a damned thing. He’s not. The only thing he is “guilty” of is defeating the most corrupt bitch to ever run for the Oval Office — someone Stephanopoulos helped achieve national prominence, by the way.

Yeah, George, ‘we all saw the president’ say, “China, will you please help me dig up dirt on Joe Biden?” — NOT. What we heard was him trolling you idiots for the umpteenth time because you’re too stupid to keep up with him and too politically compromised to do any real reporting.

These are shit people and they are aligned with a shit party that hates America.


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