(NationalSentinel) The Washington media establishment doesn’t report news, for the most part, it creates narratives, and they’ve been working overtime since Donald Trump embarrassed their preferred candidate, Bitch Hillary, in 2016, to drum up enough support among the American people to throw him out of office.

So far, no good. Despite the media’s nonstop campaign of bullshit, Trump’s approval rating has been trending upward and voters in places where the president won big by destroying the so-called “blue wall” in the upper midwest are solidly with him.

But that hasn’t stopped them or their prick masters in the Garbage Party from abandoning their seditious ways. Thankfully, One America News’ Liz Wheeler remains laser focused on real news and real events that have a real impact on our lives.

On her Friday program, Wheeler once again ticked off five stories that the dogshit Washington establishment press largely ignored but that are far more important and provide much more context into the manufactured issues of the day — such as “Ukrainegate,” the latest deep state lie to get President Trump impeached  and indicted.


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