Seattle public schools teaching ‘collectivist’ Communist approach to math because…RACISM! (Video)

(NationalSentinel) The Marxist American Left figured out a long time ago that they could literally indoctrinate our children by 1) making public education mandatory; and 2) taking over the curriculum of mandatory public education.

Make no mistake, having an educated population is definitely in a country’s best interests. We want our people to be educated because that enables us as a society to continue to advance and to improve on our lives and our culture.

But indoctrination is not education, it’s an insidious way of subjugating, by stealth, an entire population — retraining them to think of their past as wrong, sinful, objectionable, and, thus, making it necessary to change those ‘old ways.’

Marxism/Communism/Socialism are all variants of the same dogshit political ideology: The complete antithesis of individual freedom, liberty, and representative democracy in a republic. They are authoritarian, rigid, punitive, and completely anathema to the advancement of society.

Its advocates are no better than Hitler, or Mao, or Stalin: They all seek the same thing…to rule over us with an iron fist. And to accomplish that, these sinister pricks are brainwashing our kids every. single. day. while using seemingly innocuous subjects — like math — to do it.

The Left-wing shitbags who run the Seattle public schools have adopted a math curriculum that indoctrinate students to think collectively, not individually. This is fucking Communism 101, period, and is designed to breed mental robots who blindly adhere to authority in the future — all for the collective good.

The solution seems simple: Just take kids out of the public schools. But that requires enrolling them in often-expensive private schools or home-schooling them, both of which require an investment in money, time, or both — which most working Americans simply cannot afford. And the ass clowns on the Left know this.

Another solution: Start mobbing public school board meetings and demanding board members pull this commie-Mao bullshit out of schools their tax dollars are going to support.

And finally, it requires electing people to local school boards who believe in our founding principles of individual freedom, liberty, and smaller government. We have to get involved, folks; we can’t leave field of battle to these Left-wing douchebags. That takes stepping out of our comfort zones and making our presence felt.

Hat-tip to Liz Wheeler at OANN for exposing this.


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