(NationalSentinel) We tend to be hyper-focused on domestic politics and issues, but make no mistake about it: There are plenty of foreign threats to American independence and security, and one of the most serious of them is China.

This report is way longer than we normally like to publish because we know our readers’ time is limited, but it’s important.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with the budgeting proceed might not pay attention to funding gimmicks like “continuing resolutions,” which the Democrats and that corrupt prick Obama used for nearly his entire presidency to fund most of the government.

What’s bad about CRs, as they are called, is that they are not actual budgets. They are simply sums of money passed and allocated by Congress to the various agencies and departments on a sort of ‘spur of the moment’ basis. They are not long-term spending plans that give agencies and departments a predictable sum of funds they can then use to plan purchases (and, in the Pentagon’s case, funding for weapons development.

The Garbage Party passed a lot of CRs over the course of Obama’s presidency, and there wasn’t much Republicans could do about it because they either lacked a sufficient majority to pass actual budgets on their own or because they knew Obama wouldn’t sign them and they didn’t have the votes to override his veto.

In addition to CRs, Congress passed and Obama signed in 2011 a “sequestration” bill that capped federal spending at certain levels; most of the money saved up front came from the Defense Department, which was already starved for R&D funds because of the CRs.

The long and short of it is this: The Obama administration and Democrats, with their bullshit funding tricks and Pentagon funding cuts, robbed the Defense Department of the development funds needed to jump-start next-gen weapons development while at the same time requiring DoD to expend funds to fight two low-tech ‘wars’ in shitholes like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Chinese — who were already given a huge military tech boost thanks to the outright fucking criminality of the Clinton regime — were given lots of time to study how we fight, study where American forces are vulnerable, and, importantly, how to kick our asses.

Republicans at the time, along with ranking officers at the Pentagon, were screaming for regular budgets so they could earmark funds for long-term weapons development. From the Obama era:

Welcome to CR Hell

Republican defense hawks draw line on [Obama] Pentagon spending [cuts]

Pentagon on Furlough Notice as ‘Unengaged’ Obama Demands Tax Hikes

Budget cuts may force Pentagon to cut armed forces – US top military chief

Navy says it’s wasted $4 billion on continuing resolutions since 2011

The Defense Department has operated under a continuing resolution for 1,081 days over the past nine years…Continuing Resolutions Affect Readiness — “What the CR says is, ‘Stop, wait, don’t award that contract yet,’ which delays when you begin to increase the quantity and the production,” Defense Department Comptroller David L. Norquist said, adding that none of this can be fixed until there is a proper budget.

Democrats are continuing to hold Pentagon funding hostage:

Pentagon fears a return to budget uncertainty as Democrats and Republicans squabble over wall funding and other issues

And now the red rooster has really come home to roost, as noted by the Washington Examiner’s long-time defense correspondent Jaime McIntyre. In his morning newsletter on Friday, he included a scary-as-hell analysis of experts who have evaluated all of the new weapons China showed off during its Oct. 1 National Day parade.

As you read this, think about what President Trump has been trying to do — get a better ‘trade deal’ with China because he knows America is funding its own demise by paying those communist pricks hundreds of billions per year, thanks to the America-hating globalists who run our foreign policy apparatus and deep state, which Beijing has been utilizing to build an arsenal he can use to defeat us.

And who’s been opposing him? Fucking Democrats, RINOs, and careerists inside the U.S. intelligence community and State Department.

Donald Trump is not the enemy of America, folks. It’s the Democrats and their Deep State enablers.

From McIntyre:

It been a few days since China rolled some of its new ballistic missiles through the streets of Beijing in a parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of communist rule. And experts who have examined the video footage from the event are now warning China is beginning to surpass the United States in several areas, including developing nuclear missiles designed to evade U.S. defenses; a supersonic attack drone that is virtually unstoppable; and stealthy underwater drone.

“The parade featured a number of formidable weapons systems that demonstrate the growing capability of the Chinese military, the erosion of U.S. military superiority, and the need for continued action by Washington and its partners,” according to an analysis released yesterday by the The Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

“The U.S. military has struggled to receive the timely, sufficient, and predictable funding necessary to support current operations, maintain readiness, and modernize the force. Meanwhile, Beijing has studied how America fights and has modernized its military accordingly,” said the analysis, written by FDD’s Bradley Bowman and Andrew Gabel. “As a result, in some areas, U.S. military superiority has eroded or vanished.”

HYPERSONICS ARE HERE: Among the weapons on display was the Dong Feng-17, a ballistic missile booster and hypersonic glide vehicle, which appears ready to deploy.

Riki Ellison, of the independent Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, calls the DF-17, a first of its kind” weapon, “the first deployable Hypersonic Weapon System that is immune from any defensive system known to mankind.”

“China leads the world in developing, proving and deploying these indefensible offensive missile systems that can be fitted with nuclear warheads and can strike with invulnerability … Taiwan and U.S. bases in South Korea, Japan and Guam as well as U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups operating within the first and second island chains,” writes Ellison

“The Chinese DF-17 defies ballistic trajectories by skipping to increase its speed and maneuvering at will during the majority of its flight time, operating in lower space and the upper atmosphere, and making it unpredictable in flight with speeds over 20 times the speed of sound,” Ellison says. “The United States nor any country in the world has space-based discriminating sensors that can locate and track a hypersonic glide vehicle from very long distances to establish battle space to engage this target.”

THE GROWING CHINESE ARSENAL: The DF-17 wasn’t the only advanced weapon on display. In addition, the parade included an array of missiles and new unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles aimed at ending U.S. military superiority.

The Foundation for The Defense of Democracies lists these:

  • DF-21D anti-ship or “carrier killer” ballistic missile
  • DF-26 ground mobile intermediate-range ballistic missile
  • DF-41 a ground-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile with a maximum range of 9,300 miles, capable of carrying multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles and of reaching the United State
  • JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile, which has a range nearly three times greater than that of its predecessor, the JL-1.
  • GJ-11 “Sharp Sword,” a stealthy underwater drone or UUV (unmanned underwater vehicle)
  • HSU-001, a large UUV featuring dual screws to enhance cruising speeds
  • WZ-8, a rocket-powered, high-altitude reconnaissance vehicle

“These systems enable Beijing to target ships and bases in the region, potentially creating no-go zones for the U.S. military and its partners. If successful in this effort, Beijing may conclude it could successfully undertake military aggression, for example against Taiwan,” the FDD concludes.
IN RELATED NEWS: The Iranian attack on Saudi oil facilities Sept. 14 pulled the curtain back on one of the Pentagon’s inconvenient truths, namely that despite untold billions spent on missile defense, the United States does not have a reliable shield against low-flying cruise missiles and small, hard-to-detect drones.

All the U.S. technology employed by the Saudis, including early warning radars and Patriot anti-missile missiles, are useless in the age of cruise missiles and cheap, relatively low-tech drones.

In the attack, none of the 18 drones or seven cruise missiles were detected, much less engaged by Saudi air defenses, leaving various U.S. officials sputtering to explain the embarrassing failure.

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