(NationalSentinel) If you ever needed additional proof that Democrats are garbage people, this is it.

Last year, Ventura Police Sgt. Ron Helas was killed while responding to a mass shooting incident at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

A group called Fallen Officers organized a football event in his honor to remember him and pay homage to his ultimate sacrifice and raise money for the family he left behind.

But no. Enter shithead Democrats.

The police chief from Thousand Oaks bitched about having Republicans and Trump supporters there, and so did a Democrat state assembly woman. Between the two of them, they convinced all of the event’s sponsors to back out.

So now, there is no event. And no homage paid to Sgt. Ron Helas, who gave his fucking life trying to protect these people. And no funds raised for his family.

Only the Left can make an event aimed at helping a cop’s family through the loss of their loved one about politics. It figures that this happened in California.

If this doesn’t further expose prick Democrats for the garbage human beings they are, nothing will.


[videopress Oy7UqeZ9]

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