(NationalSentinel) Despite the lying Washington media’s use of fake polling to claim Americans support the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the reality on the ground keeps smacking Democrats in the face.

During an appearance on Fox News earlier this week, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who endured months of fake polling from the garbage media ahead of the president’s historic 2016 win over the most corrupt bitch ever to run for the White House, noted that the ‘mainstream’ media is all about making shit up to change minds.

The Washington press corps doesn’t “report” news anymore, they create it using pseudo-events and fabricated bullshit then package it like propaganda and call it a ‘story.’ And they do all the time.

These pricks, like the Democrats they serve, are scared to death of Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr; they know beyond any doubt that the president and his few allies in government are working OT to expose these corrupt deep state assholes for trying to depose him.

That’s precisely what this Garbage Party drive to ‘impeach’ him is all about. There isn’t a fucking thimble-full of evidence against our president, and yet the clown show media and criminal Democrats are pretending there is.

Real Americans aren’t fooled, however. Most aren’t talking about it, and those who are and haven’t been brainwashed by all the bullshit know the president is under siege from these pricks because they are scared to death he’s going to expose them.

So it was good to see a group of Americans giving it right back to Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren when she arrived at the airport in Nevada Wednesday.

If anyone deserves this, it’s her.


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