(NationalSentinel) There are plenty of examples of Democrats lying their asses off to the media, of course, because that’s what they do: Democrats lie, and the Democrat propaganda media lets them get away with it.

So it should not surprise anyone that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lied like a boss in an interview with ABC News’ former Clinton War Room sycophant George Stephanopoulos, who took a job in media after leaving the second-most corrupt administration in the history of the republic after Obama’s.

This bitch actually said live on the air this morning that douche nozzle Adam Schiff’s entire opening statement earlier this week in which he completely fabricated what President Trump said on a July phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky wasn’t dishonest.

Mind you, not a single fucking word of what Schiff said was true. In fact, it was such bullshit even he later admitted he made it up — as a “parody.” WTF ever, Schiff.

In any event, again — it doesn’t surprise us that Pelosi lies like a rug or that Schiff is a lying scumbag piece of shit. They’re Democrats; they can’t help themselves.

But what’s really important to note here is that while Pelosi is claiming that Schiff’s bullshit wasn’t bullshit, that little Clinton toady Stephanopoulos barely challenged her on it, though he, too, knows what Pelosi (and Schiff) said was flat-out false.


[videopress qEzrolIO]

Contrast that with the garbage media’s treatment of any Republican.

Like, say, this:

This is why ‘alternative media’ (like us) has to survive. The media giants that dominate the news industry have nearly all prostituted themselves out to the Garbage Party. They are fucking liars and hacks and they literally make shit up so they can sell the public on fantasies, nonsense, and fake narratives.

You just saw how it works: Democrats get to spew any bullshit they want and they are unchallenged by the ‘truth seekers.’ It’s puke-worthy.

But then, these are shit people who hate America and hate those of us who support this president and put him in office.

Never forget that we are their ultimate targets — and yes, ‘targets’ is the right word. Let that soak in.

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