(NationalSentinel) In the age of President Donald Trump, more and more Democrats are seriously losing their fucking minds and that’s a problem because these idiots are leaders of our country that some Americans actually sent to Washington to be in charge.

We’ve got Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who alternately bitches about President Trump’s use of Twitter but then seems to spend most of his day on his own Twitter account. He’s trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that the president has committed impeachable offenses when he literally hasn’t done a flipping thing wrong.

He even says Trump has ‘confessed’ to wrongdoing in the Ukraine “scandal.” WTF?

Lieu’s idiocy is surpassed by the chronically stupid Eric “I ran for the Democratic presidential nomination for 20 minutes” Swalwell, who said the same stupid thing in a tweet:

Trump hasn’t “confessed” to any crime because Trump hasn’t committed any crime. If the Democrats think they can impeach this president then we should encourage them to either shit or get off the pot because right now they’re just blowing smoke up everyone’s asses: There is no formal impeachment inquiry.

But outrageous stupidity and behavior has beset more than one member of the Garbage Party in the age of Trump. If that anti-Semitic bitch Rashida Tlaib of Michigan isn’t getting her screaming ass thrown out of a Trump campaign venue, circa 2016, her Michigan colleague, Haley Stevens, is screeching at patrons of a gun club that the NRA has ‘got to go.’

Yeah, that’ll win converts.

And these fucking idiots claim Trump is unstable?

If these turds weren’t members of Congress, how many of them do you think would behave this way out of fear of getting their asses kicked?


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