(NationalSentinel) We don’t know if President Donald Trump is reading us or having someone else do it, but it’s nice to see him take the ‘politeness’ off his tone when dealing with the seditious bastards in the Garbage Party who, along with their soulmates in the deep state, are attempting to depose him.

In a series of tweets earlier today, the president of the United States actually called “bullshit” – literally — on Democratic impeachment proceedings while trolling those pricks with his monster electoral win in 2016.

While Americans are waiting for these pricks to tackle real issues that matter — healthcare prices, drug prices, better trade agreements (USMCA), border security, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and keeping the economy humming — they are literally spending taxpayer money doing none of those things but are instead hyper-focused on removing our president.

And what the fuck is going on in the GOP-controlled Senate, which is doing nothing to help take heat off the president by holding some goddamned hearings of their own?

Why are they hauling Hunter Biden’s ass before the Judiciary Committee or the Intelligence Committee to discuss his sweetheart deal with a corrupt Ukrainian gas company? Why are they sending that saggy-balled fuck Joe Biden a subpoena to ask him about his admission that he abused his power by threatening to cut off aid from the Ukrainians in 2015?

What the hell happened to Fox News? And Matt Drudge?

The president knows he has damned few allies in Washington so he’s decided to take on these corrupt pieces of shit himself. He should know that while he may not have a lot of friends in the nation’s capital, he has tons of them out here in ‘flyover country.’

Kick ’em in the balls, Mr. President. We’re with you.

The president then tweeted out a new campaign ad that is spot-on … and literally has implications for the future of our country: Do we remain a constitutional republic or are we going to allow ourselves to be taken over and governed by authoritarian douchebags in the Garbage Party and deep state?

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