(NationalSentinel) We can’t remember the last time a president of the United States carried such a big set of ball balls as Donald Trump, and frankly, it is so incredibly refreshing.

The douchebags in the dog shit Washington media have been lying their asses off to enable the Deep State’s most recent “Trump removal” tactic: Helping Democrats fabricate “Ukrainegate,” a phony ‘scandal’ in which the president is being wrongly scrutinized for conducting foreign policy.

The media (including Fox News for some fucking reason) are all claiming that Trump committed an impeachable offense for withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for assistance in providing “dirt” on that corrupt scumbag Joe Biden and his coke-snorting son, Hunter.

Well, anyone who read the transcript of the president’s July phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky knows every one of those allegations is complete bullshit.

And anyone who’s seen the video of Biden bragging his saggy nutsack off last year about doing precisely what the deep state is accusing Trump of doing — threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine unless Kiev fired a prosecutor investigating a corrupt company that hired his son to get access to Obama’s Vice President — knows he abused his office like a mob boss.

Of course, the dogshit Washington media types all know this. They know Biden; they know his former boss, Obama. They know they were both corrupt sons of bitches. Listening to that dried up hag Nancy Pelosi stand at a lectern in DC claim her BS ‘impeachment inquiry’ is Democrats ‘just following the Constitution’ because presidents ‘aren’t above the law’ makes us want to fucking vomit, it’s so hypocritical.

Anyway, Trump absolutely refuses to let these media scumbags get away with bullshitting the American people. And he’s got the balls to stick teabag them to their faces. It’s about time.


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