(NationalSentinel) The Left and their Deep State allies are throwing everything they’ve got into the impeachment of President Donald Trump because he is hot on their ass.

He made it perfectly clear in a pair of tweets on Tuesday he is well aware of what these douchebags tried to do to him.

Trump has a flair for hyperbole sometimes, but imagine this: You are part of an attempt to depose the duly elected president of the United States, the world’s lone (real) superpower…and he just publicly called your ass out and said he’s coming after you.

If that doesn’t make your balls shrivel, nothing will. Hence the hysteria behind lapdog Democrats’ impeachment push.

Of course Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a fuck if it costs the Garbage Party the House next year; the bigger issue to her and the rest of these deep state bone smokers is the preservation of the shit system they have built over the past several decades to protect their power.

But Trump isn’t the only one sending out warning signals. Sebastian Gorka, a former presidential adviser, is traveling with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Europe. The pair landed in Italy yesterday; Italy, if you’ve been following, played a huge role during Obama’s tenure in effectuating Spygate.

He’s got a message for the deep state pieces of shit too: Be very afraid.


[videopress Wgj3BUID]

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