(NationalSentinel) Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she didn’t care if pursuing impeachment of President Donald Trump (for no reason) would cost Democrats control of the House. It’s good she feels that way because it just might.

The Garbage Party and their prick friends in the garbage Washington media have been citing polls over the past few days claiming that “more Americans” are supporting their effort to impeach depose the president. It’s bullshit propaganda and they know it.

So does former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who exposed through this on Fox News earlier this week.

So does former Ohio Gov. John RINO Kasich, who told the few people watching him on CNN a few days ago that “nobody’s talking about” impeachment in his swing state.

And why would most Americans support impeaching President Trump?

Not only hasn’t he done a damned thing wrong, but he’s grown our economy, brought back jobs that the criminal prick Obama said would never come back (and he did everything he could to make that a reality), and has brought the U.S. newfound (albeit begrudging) respect around the world by telling globalists to fuck off and stop suckling at America’s teat.

Swing state voters helped elect President Trump and, according to one analyst, they’re likely to do so again because they’re not on the bullshit Democrat impeachment train, as One America News’ Jack Prosobiec notes.


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