(NationalSentinel) The next time you think you’re having a tough day, we’d like you to recall for a moment the life and times of presidential counselor KellyAnne Conway.

This remarkable woman has to face down the fucking idiots, retards, and Democrat partisan hacks who call themselves “the media” almost on a daily basis, dealing with one stupid question after another.

She had to endure these assholes again over the weekend and was forced to repeat herself time and time again that no, President Trump didn’t do ask for a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian president, didn’t beg him to help uncover corruption involving Joe Biden and coke-snorting son Hunter, didn’t threaten to withhold military aid, etc. etc. — but it did no good.

These pricks are all propagandists for the Garbage Party, point blank. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the truth and they’re not going to report the truth, as is obvious by the questioning of Conway, who is and remains a champ.

But if you’ve never seen a White House press briefing and gaggle, this is very instructive.

Listen to these ass clowns completely disregard everything Conway is trying to tell them, to the point of essentially calling her and everyone who works for the Trump White House liars without actually saying the word — which is rich since these pricks lie for a living.

If you’ve ever wondered why a) nobody trusts these people; and b) they are so regularly wrong, watch some of this and learn.

We can’t ever have a realistic, reasoned debate about any policy in our country as long as our ‘mainstream’ media is populated by Left-wing fucktards shilling for the Democrat Party.

Oh, and to George Conway, you prick: How ’bout you stop being an anti-Trump shithead long enough to at least support your wife publicly, who has more balls and brains than you’ll ever have?


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