(NationalSentinel) Without question, President Donald Trump has been under siege since before he took office.

Everyone in the D.C. establishment has been against him from the get-go — not because these pricks have better ideas or that they care “more” about ordinary Americans, because they don’t give a shit about you and me.

No, they are against this man because he represents the hope and promise of our founding, which the deep state seeks to take from us.

He hates what our governing class has become: A bunch of self-enriching, self-serving, assholes who have built a system that shields them from the people they were elected to serve and who believe they are the “ruling class” and ‘privileged few’ who have birthright authority to run shit.

Trump is single-handedly ass-raping this establishment on a daily basis, and they fucking hate him for it. He’s been giving them the high hard middle finger while battling a system that is so deeply corrupt it is now engaged in an actual coup attempt to remove him from office.

We can’t allow them to succeed. If they do, our republic is effectively dead and those of us who steadfastly support this modern-day version of George Washington are going to be targeted for reprisal. It’s just that simple.

Trump’s 2020 campaign just released a new video that is brilliant and eloquent and encapsulates all that he is about and all that we must support if we are to retain our country.

It’s inspiring, to say the least, and ought to be shared far and wide.


[videopress 4k5MJkXj]

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