(NationalSentinel) If we know anything at all about Donald Trump it’s that when he gets punched he punches back, harder.

And if he gets sucker-punched by lunatic Democrats and their lemming propagandists in the “mainstream media,” he’ll hit them back — harder — and below the belt.

The president is currently dealing again with a fake deep state scandal which is being enabled by the Garbage Party and perpetuated by the garbage media involving some shit the president said to Ukrainian President Zelensky.

There was nothing dirty, nothing illegal, nothing bad. No quid pro quo, no withholding of lethal military assistance, and no, the president did not ask Ukraine for “dirt” on Joe Biden, though Kiev has a shit ton of it (and on Obama, too, no doubt, along with that crooked bitch Hillary Clinton).

But that hasn’t stopped those retards from claiming otherwise in their unending attempt to stage a coup against this president.

Being the fighter he is — and he’s got more balls than every #NeverTrump RINO in DC combined because none of those turds could weather the storm he weathers daily — Trump made sure to teabag them all earlier today with an epic tweet that addresses this impeachment farce.

“Try to impeach this.”


For conservatives, Patriots, and citizens who, like Trump, believe in “America first,” what is not to love about this president?

Suck on that, you deep state pieces of shit.

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