(NationalSentinel) One reason why the Garbage Party is focusing their energy on fake scandals involving President Donald Trump is because it takes Americans’ attention away from massive Democrat policy failures — like homelessness, sanctuary cities, and the money spent on illegal aliens.

While the pathetic Washington press corps continues to play its role as the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, real news organizations like One America News Network are focusing their attention on real problems and real issues plaguing our country.

On her Monday evening program, OANN’s Liz Wheeler highlighted the massive amounts of money Los Angeles and other Left coast cities have spent providing services and goodies for illegal aliens while ignoring the disease-ridden, filthy, drug haven tent cities of homeless people camping on sidewalks and streets.

And remember, these Democrat fucktards claim to have cornered the market on “compassion” — what’s compassionate about herding needy Americans into tent camps on city streets where they shoot up all day and are forced to commit petty crimes to survive while shitting and pissing all over the place?

That’s “progressive?” Smart? Or sanitary?

Or is creating and then worsening homelessness about the dumbest policy you’ve ever heard of?

It’s one thing to write off California with a dismissive wave of the hand and say, “Fuck them; those retards deserve the government they want.” That’s true to a point. But like it or not, California is the global tech center; it feeds the majority of our country; and the state has an economy that is the sixth-largest in the world.

Even if the shitheads decided to secede someday, we’d still have to trade and deal with them.

So it’s important to ‘get the word out’ about the disgraceful conditions there and remind everyone that Democrats are the idiot retards who created these conditions — while spending taxpayer funds on people who aren’t supposed to be here.

If you’re a Californian and that doesn’t piss you off, you’re part of the problem.


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