(NationalSentinel) Kamala Harris is slowly but surely realizing she’s never going to win the Democratic presidential nomination, let alone become president of the United States, so she’s slinging every piece of shit she can get her hands on at the real president.

This non-African American senator from the fucked up state of California went on CNN Monday night to bitch about President Trump’s instantaneous access to the American people, which is unfettered by the lying Democrat hacks pretending to be journalists.

She’s not the only Democrat Nazi to complain about the president’s Twitter account (she uses one too, by the way), just the latest.


[videopress jkrDGbHu]

It’s bad enough that thinking, well-reasoned Americans have to endure the daily shit show of the Washington “establishment” media, which is every much in lockstep with a single political party — Democrats — as German media was in lockstep with Adolph Hitler.

Or Josef Stalin. Or the Castros in Cuba. Pick your shithead.

Now we have to listen to a presidential wannabe skull bang the Constitution because she’s pissed off Americans listen to their president more than her. Fucking pathetic. But typical.

Twitter has been one of the only means the president has to tell his side of the story regarding these endless deep state pretend scandals designed to drive him from office. And Democrats like Harris want to take that access away.

Only the Garbage Party plays the role of speech Nazi. To them, the First Amendment means you get to say whatever you want — as long as you agree with those pricks.

We have no doubt that the Left-wing asshat who founded Twitter, Jack Dorsey, would have banned Trump long ago were it not for the fact that a) he’d have never gotten away with it; and b) Trump is his biggest marketer.

Kamala Harris should drop out of the race a go back to being just another bitch Leftist from California. She just proved she’s not worthy of our nation’s highest elected office.

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