(NationalSentinel) The Deep State is engaged in a full-court press to push impeachment of President Donald Trump as part of the Garbage Party’s 2020 election strategy, as evidenced by the screeching we are hearing from the Democrat propaganda media.

But there’s more here than simply trying to win elections next year. These pricks are scared to death of Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr; they know beyond any doubt that the president and his few allies in government are working OT to expose these corrupt deep state assholes for trying to depose him.

So they really are trying to get rid of him. The path forward seems clear now: That partisan bitch Pelosi will continue to stoke the impeachment fire throughout fall and eventually hold a vote in December or so on beginning an actual impeachment inquiry, which will then stretch well into next year.

That means, of course, that House Democrats won’t allow a damned thing to get done that is beneficial for the country: Fixing high drug prices and healthcare; dealing with illegal immigration and border security; approving the USMCA agreement which would result in an additional $68 billion worth of jobs and growth to states; rebuilding our infrastructure; funding the military; investing in new technology; dealing with homelessness and filth in Democrat-run cities; etc.

So the next 15 months or so are going to be a wash. Democrats would rather let our country seethe with anger and burn down our system than do what’s best for it. But that’s because they were put into the majority by fucking lunatics and Marxists who are more concerned with lawlessness and anarchy and having someone else pay for their shit.

Still, what they and their garbage media allies in the deep state are doing is attempting to portray this president as on his last legs. They will do so with blatant lies, fake news, and phony polls, as Lewandowski explained in an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s program Monday night.

Few Americans are really pining to impeach the president; RINO John Kasich admitted as much last week. But that’s not the story the media are telling.

You need to understand what’s taking place here.


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