(NationalSentinel) There are many ways to address Democrat and media hypocrisy regarding how they are treating Joe Biden’s very obvious abuse of power as Vice President regarding his threat to Ukraine and President Donald Trump’s non-corruption and non-threat to the same country.

Humor is one of those ways. Well, humor with a nice dose of, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Over the weekend, that lying bitch Kamala Harris scolded a reporter for asking about that time Joe Biden bragged his saggy balls off over how he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine — at a time when Russia was taking Crimea and funding a civil war on Ukrainian soil — if Kiev didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into corruption involving a company that was paying his son 50 grand a month to be an “adviser.”

Anyone who has seen the damned video knows without a doubt what that prick Biden was doing: He was threatening a foreign government the U.S. was supposed to be protecting against Russia, by treaty. And he issued the threat precisely to interrupt the Ukrainian prosecutor’s investigation because he’s a corrupt piece of shit.

But here’s Harris telling this reporter, “Leave Joe Biden alone.” He’s a Democrat, you see, and Democrats (and Deep State RINOs) exist under different rules. ‘You’re not permitted to question his actions or his motives because he’s above all of that.’

But the outsider Trump? Trump! Look at Trump! Lookit what he did!


This non-African American twisted her ass into a pretzel and refused to answer whether she would allow her own VP to let his/her son work for a corrupt company in a foreign country where the U.S. has foreign policy interests. All she could come up with was, “Leave Biden alone.”

Comedian Terrence K. Williams isn’t having any of that bullshit. He took her to task in a new video aimed right at her and her monumental hypocrisy. Enjoy.


[videopress hd5DA2rY]

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